Is Your Church Covid-Safe?

We are offering you a FREE document designed to help clarify key safety measures and protocols that are important to everyone’s protection, and are in adherence with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. It is a tool to help you and your leadership team with the planning and preparation needed to be able to offer church and events safely and confidently. Download Now

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What is Covid-Safe Reserve Seating?

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Option 1:


Best option for maximizing attendance! Reservations are made and collected until the evening before the service day, or until the allowable capacity is met, whichever comes first. Attendees receive an immediate confirmation of their reservation. Each specific seat is assigned by our system in the most efficient manner possible, removing unused spaces in the seating chart and increasing capacity while still maintaining social distance. Attendees are e-mailed their specific seat assignment, based on reservations, 12 hours in advance of the service (or as soon as the service is filled).

Option 2:


Users can choose how many seats they want and they’ll immediately be assigned the best available seating. Seats around their assignment will be automatically made unavailable to maintain social distance (The Instant Seating service does not allow for maximum, COVID-Safe capacity).

Option 3:

“Point and Click” COVID-SAFE SEATING

Allows attendees to pick and choose their specific seats (custom seating map required). Once selected, our system immediately closes seats around the selected seats to maximize safety. Attendee’s actual seat reservations are emailed immediately (The “Point & Click” COVID-Safe Service provides maximum choice for attendees, but creates the potential for the smallest available COVID-Safe capacity).

Ready to Learn Even More About Covid-Safe Seating?

Our team is committed to ministry safety and can meet your reservation needs, whatever the size. Click the links below to learn how Platform Seating can help make your church COVID-Safe:

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Loop’s heart and mission is to use our expertise in communication and logistics in helping churches during this unprecedented time. We know that each congregation has specific and unique needs, and we would love to hear from you to learn how we can help! LEARN MORE


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Download Our FREE GUIDELINES To Get Your Church COVID-Safe HERE

Heidi Spicer

Conference and Events Director, Church of the Highlands

“Our friends at Premier Productions have been a trusted resource for more than seven years. They serve as an invaluable partner to ensure our large gatherings are memorable, impactful, and safe for those in attendance. We are excited to see their expertise with logistics and passion for the Church come together in this vital resource.”

Jason Howard

Lead pastor, Amplify Church

“As we look forward to reopening our physical gatherings, the insight and guidance from Premier Productions is incredibly helpful!”

Mike Jay

Artist Manager, Proper Management

“Proper Management is thrilled to see Premier Productions lead and help us carefully carve a path of safety for great events in this new environment. They know the ins and outs of our needs and they put safety first. We and our clients trust them with our ticket holders and attendees. They are leading the industry and serving the church.”

Michael Pence

Lead Pastor, Trinity Church Spring Hill

“I must say, I have done sooooo much research and this is one of the best, most clear and well-written pieces I have seen.”

Andy Bowersox

Executive Director of Energize Ministries

“For more than ten years we have enjoyed a ministry partnership with Premier and we have served thousands of pastors together.  The information and updates provided here is continued evidence of their generosity and genuine commitment to supporting the local church.  Thank you Premier Productions.” 

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Download Our FREE GUIDELINES To Get Your Church COVID-Safe HERE

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Download Our FREE GUIDELINES To Get Your Church COVID-Safe HERE